SINS Angel – Michelle James…

I first ran across Michelle James on Strong is the New Skinny on Facebook. Michelle has a great story and is a great inspiration no matter what your sport or goals. She pretty much says it all here, so I’ll just get right to Michelle and let her do the talking…  -Adam

Female Powerlifter Michelle James Squatting in Competition

Here’s Michelle James In Her Own Words…

I used to be made fun of for my Asian look, but now I embrace it.  I was laughed at when I ran because of my flat  pigeon toe feet that made me look like a (very slow) ostrich – but now I run 5k’s with accomplishments like getting 25th (23:37) out of 250 women at the  Arnold Classics in Columbus, OH.  I have slight scoliosis that physically made my back ache when I was just sitting in a car and was told how skinny I was like it was a disease. But, last week I was doing 400lb rack pulls and I’ve held the state record of 347.5lbs in the deadlift.  I use to not be able to even bench the bar but now I have deep squatted almost 300lbs.  I used to be humiliated by coaches, teachers, and peers, but now I have learned to forgive but not forget so I can have the empathy and motivation to help others that they are worth something and CAN accomplish anything they put their mind to.

I used to think you had to be the best at something to try it but now I am not afraid to try and am perfectly content to just share the platform or road with those who I consider at the top of my sport.  I used to be depressed and lost but now I have faith, real Hope and an understanding that I’m not going to be perfect and that I can only be “MY BEST”.  I try not to dwell on my flaws but work with what I do have!  I have decided to claim my body, my mind, and my soul back!

Female powerlifter Michelle James pulling 325 in the Deadlift

I am Michelle James (age 39).  I’m married and have 4 birth babies and 2 step-children ranging in ages from 2 to 20.  Like a large amount of mothers out there, I have struggled with trying to be that Wonder Woman.  Our role has changed so much.  Were expected to take care of the kids, cook, clean, do bills,  be a taxi service to our kids’ activities, remember everyone’s schedule, be a great wife, volunteer, work outside the home, AND look GOOD all at the same time.  I have realized one thing though….”If mama ain’t happy, nobody is happy” as the saying goes.  After giving birth to our 4th child I came to a turning point! I couldn’t be an office manager outside the home AND be the manager at home anymore otherwise I was going to be checked into the local loony bin!

Between working most all my life and the society stigma of mom’s that stay home, I struggled with my self-worth at first. When I realized how much less stress I had and how my kids weren’t getting me at the end of my day, I quit feeling so guilty. I also quit feeling bad about taking care of myself.  When I do my 5 mile runs on my treadmill it is instant “happy hormones” and so much cheaper and better for you than drugs. I remind myself that when I lift heavy at the gym I am keeping my bones healthy, preventing future injury’s, and sustaining a youthful look and feel.  And when I work out I want to eat better too.  All this is contagious to people I come across – including my family!

Powerlifter Michelle James and her Family

How I Quit Feeling Sorry For Myself and Made a Change…

I started working out consistently after my first child was born.  I was trying to quit smoking and heard it took 5 years for it to get out of your lungs.  So I worked it hard on the treadmill walking.  I knew I wasn’t healthy as my diet included a lot of pop, beer, and junk food.  I was that skinny fat girl with cottage cheese legs!  I didn’t know what I was doing with weights that much, but I dabbled in it as I knew it was good at preventing osteoporosis which two of my grandmothers had.  PLUS, I was sick of being this “pear shaped” girl with a flat chest & scrawny arms.  I wanted to look tough!  I couldn’t do much about the flat chest (besides surgery) but maybe if I emphasized what I could work with I could get motivated and get that inner athlete out that nobody thought was possible!  With a few ups and downs like gaining 45lbs with one of my pregnancy’s I achieved the impossible and stayed pretty consistent.

In 1998 my husband competed in his first powerlifting meet.  I was surprised as all get out when I saw the women that were competing there.  I thought you had to look like some she-man to compete as a woman in this sport, wow was I wrong!  There were women competing who were slender, round, and all sizes/ages and not one of them looked like a man… They represented beauty and being feminine all the way around.  One gal deadlifted like 400lbs or something and was in the 148lbs weight class! All the sudden I was empowered to do what they do! I had flash backs of my Wonder Woman underoos I would never take off, my Wonder Woman Barbie Doll, and the Wonder Woman poster on my closet wall that I would pray to God would jump out, come to life and meet me when I was a 5 year old girl…lol! Men naturally have that label as “STRONG” but now I was also motivated to help those with that weak label (especially teens and women) to be STRONG too both emotionally and physically.

I started reading everything I could get my hands on about health and working out.  I became an ACE certified personal trainer and later an ACE Lifestyles & Weight Management Consultant. I found out you should never idolize that skinny girl who eats whatever she wants and doesn’t work out.  Her days are numbered!  I have done fat percentages on those kinds of girls and they had very unhealthy body fat measurements.  And I have measured bigger girls who DO workout and eat right who had “athletic” healthy ranges of body fat.

The more I learned about my body the more I understand WHY you need to exercise and eat right.  It wasn’t to be the best at some sport or to look like a super model – it was about living a healthy life!  I ran programs specifically for women and weight training because I wanted ALL women to get lifting and not be intimidated by the gym or heavy weights.

Powerlifter Michelle James

Now I’m in the Best Shape Ever and Motivating Others to do the Same…

Now with three little kids still at home (the other 3 have graduated) I find it hard to do the personal training and teach classes like I used to, but I have found that through the computer and my actions I can still motivate others.  I try to be a positive influence on things like Facebook and other events I promote.  By doing so I keep myself motivated as well by meeting everyday people like me.  Everyone has a story and nobody just starts working out one day and becomes that fit strong person they are hoping to be – it takes time, consistency, patience, goals, not being afraid to fail, dedication, and self-worth!

I don’t live at the gym.  I spend 1 hour on average per day 5-6 days a week training.  I don’t starve myself,  I just eat more good calories – I eat what I feed my family.

Besides a vitamin, omega-3 and whey protein I don’t supplement. Powerlifting meets and 5k runs keep me motivated and on track.   In the past, I have refereed national meets, directed meets, volunteered at meets, and lifted nationally as well.

After a 6 year break I recently qualified for the USAPL Women’s Nationals (DRUG-FREE) being held next year in Orlando, FL.  I will be 40 then as well and will be able to be in both the Open and Masters Division in the 132lb weight class. The women at Nationals are amazingly strong and beautiful at all ages and weight classes and totally inspire me. Because of the great inspiration to be STRONG not SKINNY I’m definitely in the best shape ever!  And like so many others, I’ve come a long way since being “picked last in the gym” …..See ya at the gym!

~Michelle from Alliance, NE

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SINS Angel – Nikki Rinaldi…

The SINS Angel post for today is a slightly different spin on the series. It’s still about a strong woman, but with a twist – this strong woman is also professional photographer who has a cool project in the works. Nikki Rinaldi is not only passionate about being strong, she’s passionate about photographing strong women.

I’ve actually “known” Nikki for quite a while since she’s usually at the local CrossFit events taking pictures. I never knew she was a CrossFitter AND that she had a passion for photographing strong women. When I found all that out, I knew I had my next SINS Angel!

Here’s Nikki and what she has to say about her project followed by two of the strong women she’s done work with…

Nikki Rinaldi – Beautifully Strong…

Nikki Rinaldi in a front squat rack position

Nikki’s Vision…

“Crossfit has been a part of my life for about 3 years now. It has shown me to see that any type of transformation is possible. I have had the experience to compete and train with all ages – from college students to retired adults. From all these different people from different walks of life I have seen many get stronger mentally and physically. As I have observed these transformations I have learned that being “strong” comes in many ages, shapes, sizes and looks. It comes in all different levels and even activities.

Strong can be a CrossFitter, a yoga instructor, a powerlifter and beyond. With this said, I have a vision to capture photographs of women in ALL activities and ALL walks of life being strong!

What is your definition of strong and how do you show it? It is a ripped body from training and dieting … it is climbing a wall of rocks or holding that impossible yoga pose? Whatever it may be let’s capture it!

This project started out with two ladies of Crossfit – Janeil Stehr and Jen Bolduc … It started out capturing them at the time they were at the height of their of fitness …. So, I am asking women of all ages, stage and walks of life … BE MY MODEL .. Show me what YOUR strong is and collaborate with me in my effort to show the world what strong really is!

I’m in Connecticut so if you’re a strong woman in the area –  or are willing to travel to work with me – I would LOVE to photograph you!”

Nikki’s Work…

Jen - CrossFit woman with chains


Jeneil - CrossFit woman snatch pigtails


Jen - CrossFit woman deadlift


Jeneil - CrossFit woman deadlift


Contacting Nikki…

If you want to get a hold of Nikki, you can visit her website:

Strong REALLY IS the New Skinny…

When I wrote the original post “Is Strong the New Skinny?” this is EXACTLY what I was talking about. Images of strong women belong in the mainstream consciousness and in mainstream media. I have the feeling work like Nikki’s is going to have a lot to do with that becoming a reality!

That’s it for now!



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SINS Angel – Kristin Jekielek…

Kristin Jekielek Sports Top

February 2012 - What a Paleo diet and CrossFit once or twice a week can accomplish!

I’ve known Kristin for a while now – on Facebook anyway! She’s been doing a lot in the Paleo community and there’s even a pic of her and her sister with Mark Sisson in Mark’s new book.

One thing I wanted to mention – something you guys hear from me all the time and something I hear more and more the more people I talk to – is that Kristin is taking charge of her health by reducing her stress and changing her lifestyle. It’s not just about “Paleo” as a diet or going to “CrossFit,” she’s working on the WHOLE PACKAGE to get where she wants to go and nurture her body…

But, I digress.. Here’s Kristin’s story in her own words along with some Questions and Answers at the end!

Kristin Jekielek…

My Primal journey doesn’t have a dramatic before & after story. I don’t have a fat pants photo. I didn’t recover from a debilitating disease. All that happened on the outside was a few pounds lost with hardly any effort (while eating bacon, cream, and red meat). On the inside, though, I felt BETTER…. I can’t think of another way to put it simply. My thoughts were clearer, I was more energetic, I liked the way I looked, my skin cleared up, my food cravings disappeared, I learned what it meant to be hungry again (and not just tired), and I came to LOVE cooking. Everything just kinda got….better. This all happened in July 2009 when I first learned how to work WITH my body instead of against it by eating a Paleo diet. Six months later I joined a CrossFit box and fell in love with Olympic Weightlifting. The positive changes I saw increased exponentially.

Paleo Just Makes Sense…

The Paleo lifestyle just makes sense. This has become more true for me as I keep learning about our bodies, food, health, and illness. It gives the greatest results for the least amount of effort once you get over the learning curve. Fats and protein work WITH my body to let me know when I’ve eaten enough, and I no longer experience hunger-inducing insulin crashes from gag-inducing low-fat whole grains.

I have become passionate about providing new, useful Paleo tools that help others. For when you’re on the go, I created PaleoGoGo as an iTunes & Android app that provides recommendations on what to eat at chain restaurants. For when you’re at home, I partnered with James Gregory to create FastPaleo, a paleo recipe sharing site where anyone can upload and share a recipe, no blog required. I also give Paleo nutrition seminars at CrossFit gyms across Philadelphia and work on-on-one with clients. I really want to see people succeed with this lifestyle.

A Twist to the Story…

However, my story does come with a twist. I gave myself an iodine deficiency. Your thyroid is dependent on the stuff, so methodically removing all dietary sources of it over the course of a year and a half causes it to misbehave. This is bad because your thyroid impacts all sorts of little things like metabolism and hormone regulation.

So what happened? Since I was eschewing processed foods, eating strictly grass-fed/pastured animals at home, and cooking 90% of my food with sea salt instead of table salt, I was unknowingly omitting all iodine from my diet. The very first day I supplemented with iodine I saw a remarkable recovery. It seemed like an easy fix, and I continue to supplement with iodine daily.

Several months down the road my condition had improved to where I was about 75% better and eating 95% primal because cheating still made my symptoms worse. More blood work identified yet another thyroid problem. I was diagnosed with autoimmune Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, a disorder that causes hypothyroid symptoms while the immune system slowly destroys the thyroid. It’s likely that I’ve had it for years and that it was exacerbated by the iodine deficiency. Hypothyroid symptoms include extreme fatigue, difficulty concentrating, brain fog, acne, change in body composition, depressed mood, sleeping a lot more than normal, zero libido, and more.


Kristin Doing a PR Over Head Squat


I see it as a blessing that my Hashi’s was brought to light at this point. Otherwise, it would have continued to destroy my thyroid for years and may not have been diagnosed until there was very little left of my thyroid. Right now I have the chance to actively manage my condition and try to preserve my thyroid for as long as I can. It turns out that staying Paleo is a crucial aspect of this, along with stress reduction, stress management, drastically reducing high-intensity workouts, and getting 9 hours of sleep every single day. If you want to read more about my experiences with diagnosing and managing Hashimoto’s, I wrote a blog post about it here:


Kristin Jekielek at a Tough Mudder event

May 2010 at a Tough Mudder event - YES, that's FIRE in the background

 Learning, Growing and Changing…

I have had to completely change my life to accomplish my goal of managing Hashi’s. It has been unbelievably difficult, but it’s my only choice since I have made health my top priority. I don’t go out nearly as often as I’d like because I need my sleep. When I do, I have to make sure to keep alcohol consumption to a minimum or I’ll be laid out with hypo symptoms the next day. I changed jobs because the stress was causing me to relapse, with a huge decrease in pay. I can’t work out often because my body just can’t handle that added physical stress, so I go to CrossFit about once/week. I’ve learned how to ask for help from others, and more importantly, I’ve learned that I can’t and shouldn’t always try to do everything on my own.

My dedication to overall health has really paid off. While many women with hypothyroidism experience uncontrollable sugar cravings and weight gain, my body has maintained itself at a fairly consistent body composition even though over the past year I’ve lost 10 pounds of muscle because I can’t work out like I used to. I have less definition and a little extra flesh, but it’s not a drastic change. Eating Primal has even helped me to retain a surprising amount of strength during this time. This experience has really driven home the saying that “body composition is 80% diet”.

Is my body where I ideally want it to be? No. Do I think I’m doing really well for the circumstances of the past year of my life? Absolutely. We have to look at the big picture if we want the motivation to truly succeed. Because of this, I will continue to put my health first and make a strict, clean diet my priority.

I’m currently in a transformative phase. I’m beginning to feel like myself again after a year and a half of serious health issues that kept me from being able to think and act normally, but I still have to take it day by day. I can’t set my expectations too high for each day because sometimes the hypothyroid symptoms come back with a vengeance, leaving me weak and unfocused. I have instead learned to be grateful for each good day I have, to get the most out of each day, and to be kind to myself so that I can have more good days. The future holds many possibilities, and I will continue to focus on my health so that I’m in the best place possible each day to take on new challenges.

Some Q and A…

You’ve been really active on Strong is the New Skinny on Facebook for a while now. What does “Strong is the New Skinny” mean to you?

At the heart of the message is empowerment. To me it means taking back the definition of female beauty. Instead of following the cultural norm and spending time, money, and energy on attaining the warped ideal of “skinny”, women are using their bodies to the fullest extent to create bodies that are truly works of art. Instead of hating their bodies for not conforming, women are taking action to make their bodies into powerful forces that uplift their spirits and self-confidence. Women are taking pride in what they can do, and they’re showing us that they can do a whole hell of a lot more than they ever thought possible.  

Where do you see yourself physically, mentally and health-wise in the next few years?

This is a difficult question for me to answer. Living with Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism requires that I release my expectations day to day because sometimes I am physically unable to exercise. However, within a few years I hope to be in a place where I’ve nurtured myself back to my full potential and am off the Synthroid. I want to be CrossFitting 4 times each week, mixed with a nurturing exercise like yoga. I understand recovery time and mobility are essential for continued strength gains. I’ve started to incorporate relaxation tapes and meditation into my daily routine, and I expect to have these formed into a solid habit by then.

My ideal state of being is active and focused while being mindful and calm.

[A note here for Kristin and anyone else who might be interested in guided relaxation/meditation is that I LOVE Hypnotica’s Yoga Nidra Mediation as well as his other work. Definitely check his stuff out on CD Baby!]

You’re really active in the Paleo community and CrossFit communities online. Do you have a vision for where you want to see these communities in a few years?

Both communities are set to explode in the next couple years. CrossFit is really gaining popularity through the Reebok sponsorship in addition to word of mouth, and the knowledge of the Paleo diet will spread with it. However, Paleo is also spreading to other demographics based on its own merit. We’re already seeing greater acceptance of Paleo principles in mainstream media. The results are real, and we’ll see more attention being drawn to this.

The Paleo community is absolutely thriving online. There are small groups already doing this across the country, but I’d love to see more in-person meet ups happening. The power of numbers will go a long way towards getting better food options at local stores and restaurants, which will clearly help people day to day.

And… Back to Me…

Thanks SO MUCH for being a SINS Angel and for ALL that you do in the Paleo and CrossFit communities, Kristin! Good luck and I’ll see ya on Facebook!






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SINS Angel – Missy Barnum

Today is a big day for the SINS Angels Series. This is the VERY FIRST ONE! The plan is to feature a female blogger who is living the SINS ideal, blogging regularly and helping to spread the word that Strong is the New Skinny (SINS). It’s all about leading by example!

So, the first SINS Angel is my friend Missy Barnum. Missy is someone I’ve come to know this past year from her posts and participation on Strong is the New Skinny on Facebook. Missy actually STARTED her blog because of her experience on SINS and wanting to join the conversation that’s happening around that topic. Since starting her blog, Missy has had the opportunity to really expand her reach and her writing has been featured in print in Fytness Fanatik Magazine. Missy’s passion for blogging and writing was a major factor in her being featured as a SINS angel – She’s not only living SINS and being the change she wants to see in the world, she’s blogging and writing about it constantly to spread the word and inspire!

So, here’s Missy in her own words. And be sure to check out her blog here:

The Girl Picked Last In Gym Class…

I am the girl that was picked last in gym class. That is, if I even made it to gym class that day. I used to fake illness on gym class days as often as I could so I could avoid the horror, humiliation and brutality that I used to face when I would be ridiculed about my weight. I identify closely with the childhood obesity problem that faces us today. I weighed over 200 pounds as a teenager and I can tell you first hand that life was anything but fun during those years. Standing up in front of a group of your peers while being chosen for a team and then waiting while everyone else was chosen before you did not do wonders for a teenage girl’s self-esteem.

The summer before my senior year of high school I knew I wanted change. I embarked on a mission to lose weight before I graduated and had to go off into the world on my own. I dropped about 35 or 40 pounds before I graduated high school and continued on that path when I got out of school. When I went off to business school and was on my own, however, my mission turned into obsession and then developed into a full blown eating disorder. The fad diets and fitness preachings of the 90s weren’t always the healthiest and were, for the most part, counterproductive to a person’s fitness goals.

After enjoying a few years as a fit looking young woman, I got comfortable and the pounds started to creep back on even though I was still working out and trying to be mindful of the food I was eating. Then life happened. I had a triple whammy of bad things hit me all at once: My boyfriend at the time was transferred out of state with his job (later I found out he was also cheating on me), my grandfather died suddenly (he had bone cancer) and I was laid off from a job that I loved. I grew depressed and the pounds quickly piled on as I stopped working out regularly and instead I regularly consoled myself with chocolate and other goodies and on the weekends I numbed my pain with a huge bottle of wine. I became obese again.

During this time period, in my early 30s, I had the mindset that I was going to have to live with my “matronly” look for the rest of my life. The men that I dated during that time had the attitude that I should just be thankful that they would spend any amount time with me at all and that they were doing me a favor. They only wanted to see me “at their convenience,” and I bought into that attitude. I allowed them to treat me bad. Then I met someone who I thought was truly interested in me for me. He told me that I was the best decision he ever made. Then a week later, he dropped me like I was yesterday’s news for another girl.

After that blow, I knew I could not live like this for the rest of my life. I wanted change. I wanted to start treating myself with respect and I wanted others to start treating me with respect as well. I asked my mother to buy me a gym membership for Christmas that year. I was pretty timid at first. I just did the cardio machines for a while and then I started to venture into the weight room.

When the pounds started dropping, I used that as motivation to keep going harder. Soon after, I started finding all of these great resources online for workout routines and the use of free weights, barbells, kettlebells, and the cable machine. I found that my passion was with lifting weights. I like to lift. Not just because it makes me strong physically but because it makes me feel empowered and stronger on the inside. I like the way my body looks with muscle. I am still a work in progress but I am proud of how far I have come and where I am at in my journey today.

Some Q and A…

Adam: What would you tell a young woman who’s going through the same feelings and experiences you went through – regarding body image and health – that you were experiencing in High School and College?

Missy: I would tell all young women that they shouldn’t allow outside interference dictate how they feel about themselves which I know is easier said than done. I would say to focus on something outside of themselves. It may be fitness/sports related or it may be a hobby but I think one of the biggest things that is sorely lacking and contributing to the childhood obesity problem of today is a sense of accomplishment. When you feel proud of something you have done, it helps you to expand on to other things. When you don’t feel proud, you become unmotivated and stagnate.

Adam: What has blogging and resources like the SINS community and the Web given you?

Missy: Online resources such as SINS help me to obtain the information and knowledge I need to help reach my fitness goals. Plus there are the benefits of networking. I also belong to a fitness blogging group and we promote each others fitness/health related blogs. This in turn draws more traffic to each others blogs.

Adam: Anything else you want to add?

Missy: My blog has given me benefits that I wouldn’t even have dreamed imaginable four years ago. It is respected by the fitness professionals whose workout DVDs I review and they have posted my reviews on their own Facebook pages and Twitter. I also became a columnist for the online magazine Fytness Fanatik and have written several inspirational and thought provoking articles. The most exciting thing is that I realized my dream this year by having one of my articles go in the special print edition of the Fytness Fanatik magazine. The benefits of inspiring others on their own fitness journey are immeasurable. I have come a long way.

Thanks, Missy!

Great stuff, Missy. Thanks for all the hard work and for kicking off this series! I couldn’t think of anyone better to have done it!

Want to tell YOUR story?

SINS Angels is going to be a regular series on Practical Paleolithic. If you’d like to get featured all you need to be considered is to be living the SINS and ideal and be a regular blogger. Here’s more details on the SINS Angels series and how to get yourself and your blog featured:




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New Series – SINS Angels…

Once every week or so, Practical Paleolithic is going to feature ONE OF YOU!

I’m calling the new series “SINS Angels” and the goal is to feature a female blogger who embodies the SINS ideal. This isn’t CrossFit specific or Paleo specific or anything-else-specific. It’s open to ALL women who can inspire others, have a blog and blog regularly and, most importantly, LIVE the SINS ideal day in and day out.

Every time a SINS Angel’s story is featured on Practical Paleolithic, she’ll get an autographed hard copy of my book, “The Paleo Dieter’s Missing Link,” some stuff from some other sponsors I’m finalizing things with AND, maybe most important of all, plenty of traffic from this site and Strong is the New Skinny on Facebook.

Woman doing Get Up at The Beast of the East

“In truth, there never was anything “wrong with me.” There was – and still is – something wrong with a culture where health isn’t a priority, foods we’re told are healthy by “experts” aren’t, disease is rampant, lifestyles are out of control with stress and strife and no one will look at the facts, tell the truth, drop the politics and create change.

Misinformation in the diet and health fields is ubiquitous. Almost no one tells the truth. Almost. Change is coming and there will be many established power structures that suffer and disappear when it does.”

-Adam Farrah

There are some major things happening in the world. I wrote the above quote last year in my Paleo Diet book, but it goes for a lot of other things as well. A LOT of established power structures are collapsing and it’s happening in virtually every segment of business and life and every area of the world.

And, it’s far from being “The End of the World” as some of the “Old World” power structures would have us believe – it’s just the end of THEIR world… I’m talking about Old World “institutions” like newspapers and printed media of all kinds, the major TV networks, the news and whatever dried up, bigoted Old World pundit is crying about the end of whatever obsolete medium or product or business this week. The world is changing in a beautiful way on so many levels.


There Are No More Gatekeepers…

Seth Godin says it beautifully in his book, “Tribes” and in this video:

Interestingly, Godin’s book, “Tribes,” and the video above is what inspired and guided the creation and building of the Strong is the New Skinny Community on Facebook in the first place.

At this moment, there are 41, 547 people who “spoke with the ‘Like’ button” and said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH with an emaciated, weak, under-fed and over-cardio’ed standard of women’s “beauty.”

Women Doing Yoga

Now WE Set the Standard…

The web is a BEAUTIFUL and POWERFUL thing. EVERYONE has a voice on the web. I LOVE when “old economy” types tell me journalism is dead. Dead? There’s a new blog born every half a second! That’s 175,000 a day! Far from dead, journalism – and the spreading of IDEAS – has never been HEALTHIER. If you want to know what the “old economy” people are REALLY crying about it’s this: CONTROL OF INFORMATION.

A bunch of 70 year old douche bags can’t sit in a board room, smoke cigars and run million dollar ad campaigns that convince us what beauty is, what fitness is, what success is or what’s valuable anymore. Well, they still can, but the web makes it a hell of a lot easier to ignore them and get REAL information now… Sucks for them, but it’s pretty cool for the rest of us…

It’s not even two years ago that I wrote the original blog post “Is Strong The New Skinny?” – based on an iPhone pic my friend Marsha posted on Facebook. All of YOU voted with your “Shares” and your “Likes” and your “Tweets” and, 6,800 shares later, Strong is the New Skinny on Facebook – SINS as most of you know it – is a thriving community. (BTW, when I read that original post, I don’t even think it’s that good! Far from a literary masterpiece, I think it was the idea and the raw emotion in it that you all responded to…)

If this whole topic of “Is journalism dead or not?” is interesting to you, check out this classic blog post by Seth Godin: “But Who Will Speak for the Trees?”

Woman stretching before the run at The Beast of the East

Beauty 2.0…

SINS has brought a lot of people together from a lot of different communities, ideologies and parts of the world. These people have gathered around that idea that STRENGTH IS BEAUTIFUL.

My partner Marsha makes her contribution and tells her story – AND wears her heart on her sleeve – on her blog: “” in support of a new standard for beauty and what women are capable of. And there’s a Wise Old Ape who posts a daily collection of images called “Team Gorilla” who supports the idea too.

Brenda Glidden at the CrossFit Regionals 2011

Now, It’s YOUR Turn…

Once every week or so, Practical Paleolithic is going to feature ONE OF YOU!

I’m calling the new series “SINS Angels” and the goal is to feature a female blogger who embodies the SINS ideal. This isn’t CrossFit specific or Paleo specific or anything-else-specific. It’s open to ALL women who can inspire others, have a blog and blog regularly and, most importantly, LIVE the SINS ideal day in and day out.

Every time a SINS Angel’s story is featured on Practical Paleolithic, she’ll get an autographed hard copy of my book, “The Paleo Dieter’s Missing Link,” some stuff from some other sponsors I’m finalizing things with AND, maybe most important of all, plenty of traffic from this site and Strong is the New Skinny on Facebook.

Becky's Strong tattoo

Let’s Turn Up the Volume on These Voices…

So, let’s turn up the volume on the voices that think skinny is obsolete and strong is where it’s at! Send me an email with a little about yourself and why you should be a “SINS Angel” and a link to your blog at and let’s rock this thing!



Ab shot of girl at The Beast of the East

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