Testimonials and Before and After Photos

“I was out on the bike twice this weekend. I felt great. Even with a nasty workout (drag sleds outside) sandwiched between my rides, I felt stronger than ever at this time of year. Thanks for the tools.”

– Brett, Hartford, CT

“Over the years I have had my share of personal trainers. I was spinning my wheels until meeting Adam Farrah. In a short period of time Kettlebell training has transformed my abilities. I have experienced marked increases in my strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility. Adam is a great motivator with the knowledge to tie all aspects of training together.”

– Russ, Wallingford, CT

“Kettlebells are up and coming as one of the most effective fitness tools – it’s tough to find a certified kettlebell instructor but there’s a great one here. I travel from the Springfield, MA area to attend these seminars and it is well worth my time & effort! ”

– Mary Ann, Springfield, MA

“Adam is a wonderful teacher, very friendly and non-intimidating. I was brand new to kettlebells but now feel confident I can learn this and add it to my fitness routine.”

– Christine, Northford, CT

Hope is one of my absolute favorites to train. She started doing Kettlebells with me sporadically last year and has been hitting the Kettlebells and CrossFit HARD for eight or nine months now.

So far (9/2009) Hope has lost 23 pounds training with me. I’ve pushed her through some REALLY hard workouts and I’ve coached her diet and nutrition. I told her she could keep making her awesome cakes, but she had to stop eating them :-)

Hope Before and After CrossFit and Kettlebell Training

When she started, Hope could barely do one good push up. Now she bangs out rounds of push ups and burpees. As a coach, I’ll always remember this one night when she came in and just looked great and carried herself completely differently. It didn’t happen overnight, but it seemed like it did in that moment.

I asked Hope what she liked best about training with me and here’s what she said:

“I like that, at the beginning, I never thought I would be able to do any of it – but I was. And you were always there cheering me on. Now, every time I finish a workout, I feel stronger, tougher and most importantly BETTER than the day before. You’ve really helped me stay focused and keep up a workout routine that I never thought I could!”

– Hope Wright-Martell, Middletown, CT

What can I say? I’ve known Chris for almost 10 years now – since I started martial arts training in Middletown, CT. He’s my teacher and my friend and I was thrilled to play the small part I did in getting him ready for his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Brown Belt exam with Mr. Roy Harris in August of 2009.

Right after his Brown Belt exam I got a text message from Chris: “I am sooooo grateful for all the CrossFit sessions!”

Chris after CrossFit and Kettlebells

That’s a damn good endorsement as far as I’m concerned! Mr. Harris’ exams are known as some of the most difficult and physically demanding you can take.

I recently asked Chris what he liked about Kettlebell and CrossFit training with me. Here’s what he told me:

“The challenge, the camaraderie, the fact that you do it too and lead from the front, the fact that IT WORKS! And, yes, the pain and the suck.”

– Chris Wright-Martell, Middletown, CT