What’s the difference between The Paleo Diet and The Zone?

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This question came from Johnna by email:

“Hi Adam,

Thanks for the info! I enjoy watching these videos and reading the information.

There is one question I want to ask you, is there much of a difference between The Zone Diet, The Paleo Diet and
Basic Clean eating? As I mentioned in my first email, I pretty much eat clean and, if someone eats clean, there is absolutely no
reason for them not to loose weight and be healthy. Of course they also have to incorporate Crossfit into their lives too.

So is the Paleo along the same track as Clean Eating??

Thank you,


Here’s a link to a post I did a while back on the variation that can be accommodated in a “Paleo” or “Hunter-Gatherer” Diet:


Thanks again for the question, Johnna!



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  1. Hey Adam!

    I enjoyed this immensely, especially when you got to the end and talked about the variation from paleo you have in your own diet. That’s exactly where I am at, I eat clean meats, fats veg, some fruit and then add in a small amount of raw/fermented dairy a bit of quinoa or buckwheat from time to time and so on. I think it’s nice to have those options to lean towards rather than falling of the wagon completely. Anyway great talk, keep up the great work!

  2. Adam,
    This was a terrific video. I have long believed that there really isn’t just one way to follow a paleo diet. Since I have some first hand experience on how good raw dairy (milk) can be for some people, I figured there had to be a way to include it, in limited amounts, into the diet. I also like the way you’ve incorporated a vegetarian paleo diet into this. That is important information for some friends of mine. :)
    Thanks for your efforts! I will be visiting often.

    • So glad you liked it, Lila! I try to be really balanced in how I talk about Paleo and diet in general.

      BTW, be careful with the raw milk. It CAN be really good for you but it can also be really problematic for many people. Test it thoroughly and make sure it works for YOU. Don’t just go by what you’re reading..



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