It only takes 1,000…

The “Strong is the New Skinny” Facebook page is approaching 10,000 members. Sure, 10,000 is a nice round number but there’s actually something more significant about it. As far as Seth Godin is concerned, 1,000 is all you need to have a movement.

The basic idea Seth is talking about is that it only takes 1,000 committed people – people who care deeply about a message and want to see change in the world – to make that change happen. Think about it: if EACH ONE of you reading this post right now introduced the Strong is the New Skinny message to another person who also became committed to making REAL change in the body images we see in the media and everywhere else, we’d be well on our way to seeing that change happen.

Woman doing lunges in CrossFit WOD

It’s time to “vote” for Strong is the New Skinny

Since this November is a voting month, I’m going to ask everyone reading this to vote for Strong is the New Skinny, too. If you really, truly believe in what SINS is all about, go out and introduce ONE MORE person to the idea. Think about it, if every single member of the SINS Facebook page brought in one more person, our reach – and the idea – would expand exponentially.

Woman with great abs

BE the change you want to see in the world

I expanded on what Strong is the New Skinny means to me in this post. Here are the basics of what I said:

TO ME, “Strong is the New Skinny” is about women deciding FOR THEMSELVES what they want to look like and who they want to be.

TO ME, “Strong is the New Skinny” is about women being STRONG and TRAINING HARD and TRAINING “LIKE A GUY.” 😛

Jen lifting Atlas Stones

TO ME, “Strong is the New Skinny” is about increasing EVERYONE’S awareness that WE – us as individuals – have a serious level of control over stereotypes and norms and what is accepted and what future generations see. We – each and every one of us – has the ability, tools and OBLIGATION to lead and inspire future generations and create a better world. I recently had a woman – a blogger no less – tell me this could never happen because “men” still control the media and it’s impossible to change the current stereotypes. Well… “Men” may still control the print media to some degree, but there’s this thing called the “internet” that has made it possible to spread all kinds of “crazy” ideas on these things called blogs and there’s this new thing called Facebook that has spread an idea or two here and there. I mean, even a fringe wacko like me can get his crazy ideas out. (A diet with no grains? This guy is insane! He’s not even a Registered Dietitian…) And, in case you’ve had your head stuck in the sand – or someplace else – the “male controlled” print media ain’t doing so hot right now. Just ask Seth Godin

And finally, TO ME, “Strong is the New Skinny” means women can kick ass with barbells and Kettlebells and tires and sandbags and whatever CrossFit nastiness they can find. And it also means a woman can sit down with a pile of bacon and some red meat and know it’s healthy and feel OK about herself while she does it. Because NOBODY wants to be THIS guy…

Yes, I’m talking to you…

So, if you’re a guy, be supportive of strong women wherever you find them and introduce ONE person you know to the SINS idea. And, if you’re a woman, be strong, define your own body image – the one that YOU want – and introduce ONE more person to the SINS movement.

And, ladies, for extra credit eat some bacon 😉



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  1. I support the idea/concept of “Strong is the new Skinny” ! we as individuals can make these changes. I think it is awesome to see pics and read comments about these women kickin butt with dead lifts, kettlebells,etc. I have been told that at my age, I have no business doing any of this…….wanna know what I think of that??? maybe I shouldnt say………that comment would definitely be censored!! I am fit and in good shape and plan on adding more to my workouts. besides I want those abs!!

  2. I’ve been in the mindset all my life that strong is sexy on women. But I’ve suffered self-defeat my whole life. There aren’t any classes in my area for these type of workouts, but in my mind’s eye, I’m strong in body and in spirit. I’m starting for the “ump-teenth time” getting back into the gym and back into a healthier eating routine. I wish my husband would support and join in, but he’s a “sit-on-the-couch-order-pizza-4-nights-a-week” kind of person. Maybe my diet should start by shedding those 400 pounds!

    Any suggestions for the Little Rock, Arkansas area?

    • If there isn’t a CrossFit in your area, you can do a lot at home with minimal equipment. is a really great resource. You can locate an affiliate here:

      If you don’t have an affiliate close by, you could do 1-2 private sessions a month at one and train the rest of the time on your own. Have the trainer give you stuff to work on when you’re home and use the videos on to learn on your own.

      Good luck and let me know if I can help!


  3. Love your site…love the idea. I am a 50+ year old woman who is tired of hearing that I’m a senior citizen who should be allowed to park closer to the building, meet with other “old” people, and generally be catered to. I can kick butt of most people half my age. I worked in tornado cleanup with teenagers and college students and I’m pretty sure I held my own. I plan on getting stronger and more determined with age. Someone else can have my scooter from the “Scooter store”…..I’m not planning on slowing down!

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